Now we have her by the stern

We saw how Halley complained about the sailing qualities of his ship Paramore to “their Lopps” over the summer and requested a different ship for his second voyage, but while their lordships ordered a survey of the vessel, Deptford dockyard reported that certain alterations should render Paramore more than suitable for Halley’s purpose.

Five days after setting out from Deptford, Halley wrote to the Admiralty and gave his view of his modified ship.

(Halley to ?Burchett, dated 21 September 1699 from the Downs, National Archives ADM 1/1871)

Honoured Sr

I gott into the Downs this day, just time enough to make use of the post, to give you an account therof; as also that we find the paramore, now we have her by the stern, to saile much better than formerly; and to goe much better to windward, so that my hopes are, I shall have no further cause to complain of her. With my humble duty to their Lopps I remain

Your Honrs most obed:t Servant

Edm. Halley

Excellent, he seems to be much more positive about the Paramore – let’s hope that continues.