Harrison disobeys Halley’s orders

On the morning of 2 April 1699, off the eastern side of Barbados, we get another glimpse of Lieutenant Harrison’s animosity towards Captain Halley, when he ignores Halley’s orders and attempts to sail Paramore round the north end of Barbados, although the road into the island is at the southern end.

If you missed Halley’s tweets over the last two days, here’s how he described what happened in his logbook:

Aprill 1st. about 6 in the Evening, the Sunn then Ready to Sett, we discover’d the Topps of the Island of Barbadoes, at such a distance as it was Scarce possible to see it farther; it bearing West and WbS by Compass, about 8 Leagues off as we judged. We went away SW till 10h, and then lay by till day, with our head to the Southward, and by Morning Aprill 2[nd]. we were so farr to the Southward, that we could Scarce See the Island bareing NNW. my Lieuten[t]. then haveing the Watch clapt upon a wind, pretending that we ought to goe to Windward of the Island, and about the North end of it, whereas the Road is at the most Southerly part almost. he persisted in this Course, which was Contrary to my orders given overnight, and to all Sence and reason, till I came upon Deck; when he was so farr from excusing it, that he pretended to justifie it; not without reflecting Language


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